Blue Waratah Limited Edition Print

Blue Waratah_Resized.jpg
Blue Waratah_Resized.jpg

Blue Waratah Limited Edition Print


This is a fine Art Giclee print using archival inks of Ruby Chew’s drawing, Blue Waratah.

It is a limited edition of 50 prints only, produced in Adelaide, South Australia.

Each print is hand signed by Ruby and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

As the work is round, prints have been sized to standard A-paper sizes to enable ease when framing for customers.

Prints are put into production after purchase. Please allow an estimated 2-4 weeks for delivery depending on your location. For any queries, please contact Ruby.

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Artist Statement:

Portraiture is a subject that has captivated me for many years. Within this portrait, a double-mouthed figure stares out from the picture plane, demanding a moment of dual observation with the viewer – Who is looking at who? 
The majestic symbol of the Waratah fills the background. A Waratah’s phoenix-like ability to spread seeds and grow from the ashes of a bush fire make them, for me, a symbol of great beauty, boldness, endurance and power; attributes that I strive for as a woman. I feel Portraiture enables me to study the human as a vessel; the exterior to a complex concoction of experiences, thoughts and emotions that construct the essence of our identity.